Clear crystal bridal crown - Maeve


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The Maeve clear crystal crown has a fleeting barely-there quality that creates a spellbindingly delicate and ethereal bridal look.

The Maeve crown's clear high lustre crystals give this headpiece a subtle quality that fades in and out of view as the faceted crystals catch the light - changing how the crown looks from day to night and from place to place as you move through different types of light and backgrounds. 

Using clear crystals in this way allows you to make a statement with your look while retaining a soft romantic feel that won't overwhelm your wedding day outfit.

Perfect for a candlelit or winter wedding, or any celebration calling for a magical shimmering headpiece, the Maeve crystal crown features flexible strands that can be adjusted to change the height and volume of this versatile bridal crown.

In the picture showing two models you can see how the pearl crown has been shaped to sit closer to the head for a more subtle look.

Maeve can also be customised with coordinating hairpins which can be slipped under the base of the crown to make it look like the strands are growing out over your head like a wild botanical vine.

Lovingly handmade in our UK design studio using silver plated wire and luxe clear crystals of the highest quality and lustre, the Maeve crown's delicate design will work especially well with bohemian or fantasy styles.

The slim crown base is wrapped in ivory satin and is extremely flexible so the headpiece is very comfortable and lightweight to wear.

In these pictures you can see the crown in three colourways - silver, gold and pearl. It has also been customised by adding May large pearl botanical hairpins and Haillie small botanical hairpins. You can request that any of the hairpin looks be created as one single crown in any colour as a bespoke option.

The last two images show the Maeve gold crystal crown stacked with two other designs - the Effie ivory and gold padded headband and finally with the Coraline antique gold flower crown.


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