Birdcage veil

This soft and delicate birdcage veil is made of pale ivory fine French netting and will add real touch of traditional vintage glamour to your bridal look.

This is a lovely and unique way to wear a wedding veil and is the perfect addition to a side headband or off-centre bridal hair comb.

The bridal veil is available with a clip which will allow you to easily position the veil and is perfect for use with a headband.

If you plan to wear a bridal hair comb choose the veil option without a clip as the comb will hold the veil in place perfectly and a clip could stop the teeth of your comb sitting into your hair properly.

Made of high quality super-soft French netting, the veil comes in two lengths:

  • Short (first five images) measures 15 inches by 7 inches.
  • Standard (last three images) 15 inches wide by 9 inches

For a stunning alternative to the traditional birdcage veil take a look at the French netting mask veil which pins at either side of the face.

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