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Choosing A Birdcage Veil: The Must-Have Vogue-Approved Modern Bride Trend


Birdcage veils are having a real moment in the wedding world - even featuring in British Vogue’s 2023 wedding accessories trends round-up. These small yet impactful veils have captured the attention of wedding afficionados, becoming a must-have accessory for modern brides seeking to add a touch of chic formality and wearable glamour to their big day. 

A birdcage veil is the perfect choice for those who want a stylish and effortlessly elegant bridal look. In this article, we'll explore the versatility of beautiful French netting birdcage veils and inspire you to create a look that is by turns sophisticated, vintage, or fashion-forward. Whether you choose a separate birdcage veil and hair accessory, an integrated veil and headband or simply wear a veil on its own, this is your chance to stamp your personal style on your day.

Models dressed as brides wear birdcage veils

A quality birdcage veil like those offered on our website will be fine, delicate, and made from the softest French netting - cheap French netting can be hard and scratchy with bigger holes and means your veil won’t sit properly or can even be uncomfortable to wear. 

Worn alone, a birdcage veil creates a simple and sophisticated look - one of our most popular designs is a traditional veil design in two different lengths which simply clips into position at the top of your head. You can choose an integrated clip if you plan to wear your headpiece with a headband, or use bobby pins or a bridal comb to hold your veil in place if you prefer. For a more modern high-fashion look, choose our newer sleek and sophisticated mask veil - also available in two lengths which means you can choose whether your veil sits above or below your mouth. A mask veil simply pins into place at each side of your head with the included kirby grips or bobby pins.

Models dressed as brides wear birdcage veils

Alternatively, you can pair your veil with combs, hairpins, or crystal headdresses to add a touch of vintage or retro glamour to your ensemble. Whether you prefer a simple and sophisticated style or a vintage-inspired glam look, there are lots of accessories to choose from to ensure your adornment aligns with your unique bridal style and vision.

For a more fashion-forward look, combining a birdcage veil with a modern padded headband creates a stylish and contemporary bridal vibe. The most easy to wear option is the Esme headband veil. This beautifully tailored soft ivory birdcage veil is attached to a stunning padded ivory satin headband making it incredibly easy to wear. The adjustable veil can be easily moved so it sits above or below the mouth - allowing you to choose how much of your face you cover on your big day and making it incredibly quick to change your look through your day. The Esme ivory padded headband and birdcage veil offers a simple way to wear this chic modern vintage bridal look without having to worry about how to style your birdcage veil, just carefully lower the whole piece onto your head and you'll be aisle-ready in moments! 

Models dressed as brides wear birdcage veils

And if you prefer this look with a separate birdcage veil so you can remove the veil part way through your day? Choose the 'Separate Veil' option at checkout and you'll receive the plain ivory headband with a separate short veil which you can clip onto your hair beneath the headband then simply lift the headband slightly to remove the veil partway through the day.

For the ultimate in luxe sophistication, pair a birdcage veil with one of our jewellery embellished padded headbands - I recommend choosing the short clip-on birdcage veil and sitting that underneath the headband as pictured with the gold embellished Angelica below. This will ensure the veil doesn’t catch on the jewelled embellishment and creates a beautifully sleek and chic look.

Models dressed as brides wear birdcage veils

As chic birdcage veils continue to rise in popularity, they offer brides a fashionable and elegant alternative to traditional full-length veils - without the high maintenance of a longer veil. The versatility and wearability of these veils, combined with the beautiful soft French netting material, allows you to create a bridal look that reflects your personal style, whether it's sophisticated, vintage-inspired, or fashion-forward. If you're seeking a bridal look that is effortlessly chic, a birdcage veil might be the perfect choice for you - visit our birdcage veil section to shop now!

Would you like to wear a birdcage veil but need little help to find the perfect shape, size or accessory to pair with it? Get in touch with any questions - or answer my simple Style Quiz and I’ll happily help you out with some suggestions perfectly tailored to your bridal vision.

Models dressed as brides wear birdcage veils

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