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How to choose a wedding crown to suit your bridal style


From boho to classic, rustic to minimal, celestial to statement, wedding crowns are really having their moment right now. But their popularity means it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with choices - so I’ve put together a handy checklist to help you pinpoint your bridal crown style. When choosing a wedding crown it's essential to consider your overall look to ensure your choice will complement your dress, venue and even your hair, so here are my picks for different bridal styles:

how to choose a wedding crown - four models wearing different wedding crowns in rose gold, silver, gold and pearl

Classic or traditional: Choose a crown with a more traditional shape like the Coraline or Mabel crown. The Coraline hand crafted crystal and mother of pearl crown is based on the traditional bridal crown or tiara shape and comes in four colourways so it will suit lots of different styles and colours. It has an elegant design with mother of pearl flower accents and is packed with crystals which range from super-sparkling to more aged tones depending on your individual style. The Mabel crown is a super-sparkling crystal design which comes in three precious metal colourways - gold, rose gold and silver. This is perfect for a glamorous modern bride looking for something truly special with classic, traditional style underpinning this gorgeous floral vine inspired look.

Boho: For bohemian brides who want to wear a crown my top pick would be the Maeve botanical style crown which is hand-wired with crystals or pearls to create a delicate ethereal headpiece. It comes with innovative flexible strands which mean you can easily change the height of the crown and customise it to your own style - so you can choose whether you go big or small with this piece!

Rustic: If you’re planning a rustic wedding I love the idea of the antique gold Helena crown which has a gorgeous dark gold tone that works so well with woodland and barn settings. This simple piece reminds me of delicate twigs and would add a really gorgeous shimmer to a rustic bridal look.

Celestial: If you’re planning a celestial themed wedding I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve for you! For a more delicate look the Orion crown has just the right amount of sparkle and features a light sprinkling of star-shaped luxury high lustre crystals to reference your theme in a subtle way. If you’re planning more of a statement modern celestial vibe I would suggest the Starlet crown, a striking crown packed with star crystals that would suit a more edgy bride looking for an unusual headpiece with some rock star glamour.

Garden or backyard wedding: You can’t go wrong with a flower crown for a garden or backyard wedding and the Isobel floral crown is the perfect way to add flowers to your hair that won’t wilt and can be worn again long after your wedding. This piece features delicate carved mother of pearl flowers teamed with crystals or pearls and is a pretty and delicate crown for a spring or summer bride available in gold or silver colourways.

Minimalist wedding: The champagne Helena crown or clear crystal Maeve crown would be great choices for a minimalist wedding. Helena is a delicate understated crown that won’t overwhelm a minimalist bridal look while the clear crystals used in the Maeve crown make it an incredible choice for a simple bridal look that can look barely-there in some settings, yet sparkle so incredibly in others!

Statement: If you want to make a statement with a crown, choose something with plenty of height or volume - and to really create a dramatic look choose a crown with matching hairpins to extend the look over the top or back of the head. This is an innovative way to style a crown which will amaze your guests and really create a wow-factor look. For a truly statement look I would suggest the Mabel crown teamed with matching Saffron hairpins placed just under the base of the crown so they appear to grow out over the top of the head, or the Maeve crown teamed with the coordinating May hairpins.

Other things to consider when choosing a wedding crown

Size: As well as considering your bridal style you’ll want to consider the size and shape of your head when choosing a crown. Smaller heads will look great with a more delicate crown like the Small Coraline or Helena while bigger heads can take bigger crowns and extra pieces like matching hairpins such as the Large Coraline or Maeve crowns

Large and small versions of the Coraline gold crowns worn by models

Comfort: Comfort is key and all of the crowns suggested here sit on delicate flexible metal headband bases which are wrapped in ribbon to make them supremely light and comfortable without the risk of digging in or pinching the side of your head. Most of these styles also have customisable elements that allow you to adjust the height and volume of the crown. This flexibility makes it easy to mould the crown into different shapes and styles, depending on your personal preference. This means you can easily experiment with different shapes and heights to find the perfect look for your head shape and hairstyle.

Accessories: When it comes to pairing a wedding crown with other accessories, it's important to strike the right balance. If you're wearing a larger and more intricate crown, you may want to keep your other accessories simple and understated. If your crown is more minimalistic you can play around with bolder accessories to finish off your look.

Hairstyle: A wedding crown can look stunning with hair worn down in loose waves, a half up half down style or in an updo. Talk to your hairstylist about how to incorporate the crown into your chosen hairstyle to create a cohesive and elegant look or have a play with a few different styles at home or at your hair trial once you’ve chosen your crown.

floral mother of pearl and crystal crowns in gold and silver on two models

Joy: The final (essential) element is joy - ask yourself the question, ‘does it make my heart sing?’ Choose a wedding crown that you feel comfortable and confident in and excited about wearing and you can feel happy that you are embracing your unique style and creating a bridal look that will make you feel like the best version of yourself as - and that you can look back on with happy memories to last a lifetime.

Celestial star crown in gold and silver - a statement crown with adjustable height worn by two models


how to choose a wedding crown - four models wearing different wedding crowns in gold and green, silver, gold and clear crystal designs

how to choose a wedding crown - four models wearing different wedding crowns in gold and in silver with celestial star designs and gold floral crowns

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