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How to choose wedding hair accessories - designs to choose for different styles or themes

If you plan to wear a bridal headpiece on your wedding day you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the choice of styles.

pearl and swarovski crystal wedding hair pins

From hairvines to hairpins, headbands to combs, statement headpieces to smaller classic styles, there are so many looks you can choose to accessorise your big day.

While I think the most important thing is to choose a bridal hair accessory you absolutely love, there are also a few guidelines you can follow to help narrow things down if you find that you've fallen in love with lots of different styles!

Statement boho wedding hair vine

Things to bear in mind include the style of your dress and wedding - this can help you decide between simple and classic, relaxed boho or statement glamour, among other styles.

Another important element is comfort - if you find that headbands tend to give you a headache or combs fall out of your hair this might help to narrow things down, although there are ways to get around all of these issues, just ask your hair accessory designer or hairstylist for their expert advice!

I wrote a handy guide for wedding blog Love My Dress to help you find the best wedding hair accessories for your style - follow the link for this useful step by step guide to designs to choose depending on your personal and bridal style.


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