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Vegan Pearl Earrings and Necklaces - Sustainable, Ethical Bridal Jewellery

Looking for sustainable, ethical and vegan-friendly pearl earrings and necklaces with a modern bride vibe? I've got you covered with my brand new collection of luxury vegan pearl jewellery.

Model wears silver statement  vegan pearl drop earrings with matching vegan baroque pearl necklace

Vegan Pearl Earrings

Choose from delicate or chunky vegan pearl hoops, simple huggies, sculptural pearl drop earrings and delicate chain drop earrings and pearl ear threaders - all handmade by me in my Sheffield studio from sustainable and ethically-produced luxury crystal pearls. 

model wears round vegan pearl gold huggie earrings with a matching gold round vegan pearl necklace

Vegan Pearl Necklaces

I have also created vegan pearl necklaces to match my range of vegan pearl earrings. They are available in baroque and round pearl shapes and come on either a 100 per cent recycled silver diamond cut chain or a gold-filled necklace chain. Gold-filled is a more luxurious alternative to gold-plating which has a significantly higher gold content, making it more durable and a more 'true' gold colour.

Vegan pearl necklace - silver worn by model

Sustainable and Ethical Pearl Jewellery

For all of these designs I've sourced the most beautiful pearls from the best European crystal houses which are all guaranteed vegan-friendly and have the most incredible lustre. They have the added benefit of being sustainably and ethically produced.

You can choose from stunning baroque vegan pearl earrings or necklaces or more traditional round pearl designs which I have paired with beautiful gold or silver elements. 

Eliza large gold vegan baroque pearl hoop earrings

Recycled Silver

As well as their vegan-friendly credentials, wherever possible I have also used pure recycled silver elements for my pearl jewellery and the pearl earrings all include sustainable elements which I have handcrafted from offcuts of gold or silver plated jewellery wire used in my bridal hair accessory designs to avoid waste.
Long drop recycled silver chain baroque pearl earrings

Custom Vegan Pearl Earrings

I also have a range of natural baroque pearl earrings - which you can request to be custom-made using vegan pearls for no extra charge. This includes the Poppy earrings above and the Freda ear threader earrings below. This is because I wanted to avoid waste when designing the new collection so kept my production to a minimum.

gold pearl ear threader earrings

Quality Vegan Pearls

I really enjoyed designing and making this collection of pearl earrings and necklaces - I love them for their sustainable and ethical credentials, as well as their beautiful lustre and shine. I'm so happy to be able to offer quality pearl alternatives for vegan brides as well as simply for people who love how these pieces look or who are committed to making eco-friendly choices.

vegan pearl earring hoops

You can view my full collection of vegan pearl earrings and necklaces here - I hope you will love them as much as I love making them! I also have a collection of vegan pearl hair accessories - and you can ask for any of my pearl accessory designs to be created using vegan pearls if you prefer.

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