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Celebrating 15 Years of Design With The Title 'Master Craftsman'

Today I am thrilled to share my unique honour - as the only wedding hair accessories designer to hold the title 'Master Craftsman'. This special title is offically bestowed on British artisans by The Guild of Master Craftsman to recognise those who uphold their standards of skill, integrity and experience in their field.

Debbie Carlisle with her Guild of Master Craftsmen certificate

A Trustworthy Artisan

Guild members have to go through rigorous vetting to ensure they reach the high standards of this organisation. Acceptance into the Guild is a recognition of my artisan skills, experience and excellent customer service. Most importantly it means that those who choose my accessories know they are buying from an artisan maker that they can trust.

A Unique Achievement

I am especially proud of my achievement as I am the only bridal accessories designer and maker to hold membership of the Guild, and the title of Master Craftsman. It's unique achievement that sets me apart in the world of wedding accessory design and creation and it feels like a testament to my 15 years of designing and making for clients all over the world.

Debbie Carlisle making a hair accessory

Becoming A Master Of My Craft

Before being considered for membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen I had to undergo a stringent vetting process by the Guild, who sent a representative to interview me and assess the quality of my work, to verify my years of experience, to check that I hold the correct insurance and to be sure that my studio and consultation area meets their high standards. After this in-person assessment the Guild spoke with numerous clients to ensure I meet their high standards. All this information was then collated and placed in front of a panel of experts who make the final decision about who is accepted into their ranks - and I was thrilled to be selected!

What This Means for You

My acceptance into the Guild is a guarantee of quality for my clients. When you choose me to create your wedding accessories, you can be confident that you will receive excellent customer service and high standards of skill and expertise. This recognition alleviates the uncertainty of online shopping, assuring you that you are working with a true expert and artisan. You are also safe in the knowledge that the Guild continues to assess my work and customer service for as long as I’m a member. I have a responsibility to uphold all of the Guild’s standards, which means I am continuously striving for excellence in my work and maintaining my high level of customer service.

What This Means To Me

Becoming a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen is the perfect way to celebrate my 15th year in the wedding industry as an accessory designer and maker. I am completely self-taught and have honed my own skills and developed my own techniques over the years to ensure I continue to create unique designs and develop my own techniques and style. To be given the title of Master Craftsman is a real validation of what I have done, how I have done it, and my years of experience.

Debbie Carlisle making a hair accessory

A Passion To Create

What started as a desire to create unique accessories for my own wedding has become a true passion to do the same for brides all over the world. I cannot tell you how proud I am that this passion I could not ignore has led me to this point. I also feel very lucky that I get to do a job that fuels my creativity and has allowed me to work with so many amazing customers all over the world.

A Thank You To My Clients

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the many clients who have supported me and believed in me and my work. I never take for granted the trust that you put in me when you choose me to make your accessory. I also wouldn’t have been accepted into the Guild without the kindness of my clients who took the time to tell them how they felt about me and my work. Being accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen is not just about having my skill as an artisan recognised - it is a testament to the relationships I have built with my clients and the passion I have for what I do. 

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