Antique Gold Crystal Floral Bridal Crown - Coraline


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Divinely feminine and utterly enchanting - the Coraline antique gold crystal floral crown can be worn alone or with matching hairpins to add drama and create the spellbinding effect of the floral crown extending out over the top of the head or trailing around the back of the head.

Lovingly handmade in our design studio using gold plated wire, rich antique gold crystals with a luxe metallic finish, and delicately carved mother of pearl flowers with tiny gold plated centrepieces, the Coraline crystal floral bridal crown is all about delicate feminine luxury.

This luxury crystal floral bridal crown is a modern boho take on the traditional wedding tiara and is particularly suited to woodland, rustic, or floral inspired weddings in any setting.

Coraline has an opulent feel but its open design will never overwhelm, and you can even choose from two sizes depending on your preferred style. The larger crown's hand-wired design (pictured in gold and in champagne) continues further around the head for a fuller look while the smaller size (pictured in green and gold, and in silver) finishes further up the headband. 

The Coraline crystal floral bridal crown comes in four colour options as standard - or request your own bespoke colour combination to be made to order for you. 

The slim crown base is 3mm wide and wrapped in gold satin. It is extremely flexible to ensure that the headpiece is supremely comfortable and lightweight to wear.

In these pictures you can see the Coraline crystal flower crown has been customised by adding Coralie floral hairpins in various positions and you can even order the crown as a set by picking the option to add hairpins.

For a really opulent look,stack two crowns together - in the last photograph you can see the Coraline crown teamed with the toning Maeve gold crown. You could also combine it with other coordinating designs worn in the back of the head for ultimate drama - like my Sylvie or Ivy hairvines.

You can also request that any of the hairpin looks be created as one single crown as a bespoke option.