Add some heavenly style to your wedding day look with the Debbie Carlisle Moonlight Collection - a celestial gathering of bridal accessories inspired by the moon, stars and the natural world.

Delicate handcrafted wedding hairvines, hairpins, combs and crowns nestle alongside coordinating statement chandelier bridal earrings to add to your look during the day or quickly and easily elevate your look for the night.

This collection is a natural progression from Debbie's Stardust Collection and continues her design obsession with the wild outdoors to create modern bohemian designs with a timeless edge.

The pieces in this collection are designed to be mixed and matched with each other and with coordinating pieces in Debbie's Stardust range.

As always Debbie has sourced exceptional materials to create her designs and ensure their longevity as heirlooms of the future - choosing high-lustre Swarovski pearls and super-sparkling Swarovski Crystals, gold and silver plated wire and metals, and intricately carved Mother of Pearl flowers.

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