How to choose a wedding hair accessory

How to choose your wedding hair accessory - a one stop style checklist


How to choose a wedding hair accessory - comb, hairpins, headband or hairvine?


Headband, hairvine, hairpin or comb?

A wedding hair comb, clip, pin or hairvine is incredibly versatile. Most can be worn at the back of the head – with or without a veil – or at the side or front of the head. A comb can be placed in the back of your hair during your ceremony (when your guests will see a lot of your back!) and then repositioned it at the front for your meal or evening reception. Hairvines are usually pinned into place with a kirby grip or bobby pin while some come with small combs attached - longer vines can be trailed around the head or twisted into or around a braid, bun or half-up hairstyle.

A headband is an easier way to wear a headpiece as you simplyt pop them on your head and go! My fixed metal headbands are wrapped in satin ribbon to ensure they are as comfortable while my ribbon tie headbands combine comfort with perfect fit and flexibility – most of my brides forget they’re even wearing them after a few minutes! Fixed headbands can be less versatile although you can still play about with a headband by placing it further forward onto your head, across your forehead or nestling it into the back of an up-do or half up do. Don't forget to try the headband in both directions as embellishments can look different from the opposite side.

What dress will you be wearing?

As a general rule a simple dress will be able to take a statement hair accessory with lots of bling and ornate detailing.

A detailed heavily-embellished dress would work really well with a simple or delicate bridal headpiece to complement rather than overshadow your dress.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule - if you’re going for a 1920s look for example, a highly embellished slim-line beaded dress will work perfectly with a statement crystal bridal headband or wedding forehead band.

What is your day to day personal style?

If you have a big personality and tend to wear statement accessories in your day-to-day life you might want to reflect that on your wedding day with something that will really wow your groom and your guests. If you usually prefer simple accessories – or no accessories at all – you might want to go for something more simple or delicate.

What is your bridal style?

If you’re a fan of simple classic bridal elegance a ‘less is more’ approach to accessorising a simple gown can be a stunning way to turn heads. Choose a small to mid-size hair accessory – and if you go for something really simple and delicate for your hair you could add some complementary earrings to finish your look.

Pearls are the ultimate choice for the classic bride who wants to shine on her wedding day without drawing too much attention from her gown or other bridal accessories.  I also create a lot of designs which use bugle beads which create a similar pearly shine which just oozes understated elegant glamour.

If you like the idea of a statement headpiece but are not sure you have the confidence to pull it off choose a design with subtle sparkle rather than all-out crystal shine. My Odette and Lily headpieces are perfect examples of big statement pieces with shimmering bugle beads which give a more delicate glow. My Sylvie headpiece is a large but extremely delicate hand-beaded design which strikes a really beautiful middle ground, creating a statement look that won’t overwhelm your dress.

Problem hair?

Even on the finest of hair, a comb should still work for most brides - all my combs have metal looped teeth which can be gripped into place to prevent them from slipping. Another trick is to apply a dusting of hairspray to your hair before pushing in your comb as this will help it literally stick in place. (Do not spray over your comb as it can dull the materials).

If you see a bridal comb you like but prefer the security of a headband most combs can be placed on a headband by request. Headbands can be covered in a satin ribbon in the colour of your choice to tone with your hair colour and make it look as though your headpiece is floating on your head.

If you like the security of wearing a headband but want a more comfortable option (some people find headbands give them a headache) a headpiece with an organza ribbon tie is a fabulous alternative which won’t feel like it’s digging in to the side of your head. Again some headbands can be converted to a ribbon tie or comb by request.

Should my dress perfectly match my headpiece?

Try not to focus too much on finding a headpiece with beads, crystals or stones which exactly match the embellishment on your dress, or which perfectly mirrors the design in the lace of your gown. Going for something that slightly contrasts with other elements of your outfit can add an extra dimension to your look and give a slightly more relaxed feel to your style.

Is this 'the one’?

The most important consideration when choosing a headpiece is how it makes you feel. It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail and forget about just choosing a gorgeous wedding hair accessory you absolutely love. 

Above all else your headpiece should make you feel special, happy and beautiful - and should be something you feel excited about wearing. The final decision about what headpiece to wear should always come down to one consideration – does it make your heart sing? If the answer is yes then you’ve found ‘the one’!

For individual advice about your look get in touch via our contact form or email with your questions or ask for a telephone consultation or studio visit so you can ask Debbie's advice in person.