Deco inspired crystal wedding hair vine comb - Blanche

This deco-inspired Swarovski crystal and pearl wedding hair vine comb has three separate fronds which curve around the head to create a beautiful and versatile silver hair adornment.

This hand-crafted headpiece can be worn across the forehead with the two smaller fronds sitting above or below the long main wired strand - or nestle it into the back of the head for a curving vine effect.

Blanche features delicate flower shaped crystals mixed with tiny ivory freshwater pearls and Swarovski navette crystals to create a sparkling floral vine. The more elaborate end of the hair vine attaches to the hair with a comb, while at the end of each of the two longest strands a small hidden loop will allow you to pin the headpiece into place. 

The fronds of Blanche can be moved carefully so they can be curved into or around your chosen hair style.

Blanche measures approximately 30cm long.