Veil hairvine with dangling strands in silver and freshwater pearl - Elise


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This jewelled wedding veil hairvine features delicate strands of intricately handwired freshwater pearls which are woven together to create a striking waterfall effect for a truly unique bridal look.

The Elise vine has five long strands that are designed to hang like delicate fronds over the back of the head - or can be gently woven over a plait or updo.

Elise combines the traditional feel of a wedding veil with a spectacular - but delicate - bridal hairvine.

This delicate long hair vine pins into position on either side of the head with the provided grips so the long central strands can be trailed down the back of the hair. The Elise hair vine has hidden loops which can be used to pin it into place.

This shimmering silver hairvine is handwired with delicate freshwater pearls. It would also be possible to create this in other colourways as a bespoke option for no extra cost. This piece can also be made in different lengths on request.

The longest central strand measures approximately 43cm, the two shortest strands measure approximately 26cm and the two medium length strands measure approximately 36cm.