How to style a ribbon tie headband – one of THE most comfortable wedding hair accessories!

February 23, 2016

A ribbon tie bridal headband is perfect for brides looking for a delicate and feminine wedding hair accessory – with the added bonus of being one of the most comfortable and versatile headpieces you’ll find!

wedding browband for bohemian brides with ethereal organza ribbonsIsadora ribbon tie bohemian crystal wedding headband

Whether you choose to make a feature of the delicate ribbons, letting them hang long and loose or weaving them into a bridal braid, or tuck the ends away into your up-do so they can’t be seen, a ribbon tie headband is one of the most comfortable ways you can wear a wedding hair accessory.

bohemian wedding headbandcrystal wedding headpiece in up doA ribbon tie headpiece is a fantastic alternative to a traditional metal headband which some people find can dig or pinch their head if they’re not covered with a satin wrap – and can be more secure than a comb or clip if you have fine, thin or short hair.

classic wedding headband with ribbon tiescrystal wedding browbandBelle crystal and freshwater pearl ribbon tie wedding headband worn in three ways.

All of my ribbon tie headbands can be worn in at least three different ways to create three different looks – wear them tied across your forehead with the ribbon tied at the back of your head to create a 1920s or whimsical bohemian bridal look, or place them in the traditional Alice band position to build a more classic wedding day style.

delicate deco ribbon tie wedding headband Greta crystal bridal wedding foreheadband

Carmen crystal and pearl ribbon tie wedding headband

Lana crystal forehead chain or wedding headband

One of the prettiest ways to wear a ribbon tie wedding headband is to place it just above the hairline – anywhere from one to two centimetres above it – so it sits in ‘tiara’ position, creating a really beautiful look which will update the traditional tiara look.

blush pink wedding headband

Isabella wedding headbands in gold and pink (above) and silver (below)

There are even more ways to style my hand-wired ribbon tie headbands as I thread the ribbons through hidden loops at each end of the headpiece. All you have to do is slip the ribbons out of place so the piece can be pinned into your hair through the loops like a hair vine nestled into the back of an up-do or half-up wedding hair style.

Going for a headband with removable ribbon ties means you can create more than one look on your wedding day with just one headpiece. Why not wear it in the back of your hair or in tiara position as you walk down the aisle and say your vows and then pin or tie it across your forehead for a more glamorous evening look?

bridal brow band with juliet cap veil

gold bridal browbandElizabetta gold floral wedding headband with ribbon ties

Another way to create a really bohemian look is to pin the ribbon tie headband into place and leave the ribbons trailing at the side of your head for a relaxed and truly ethereal bridal style.

Bohemian ribbon tie wedding headband with organza ribbons

delicate crystal and pearl leaf bridal headband

silver ribbon tie headband with fresh flower crownIndia delicate crystal and freshwater pearl wedding ribbon tie headband

You can create a really unique look by choosing your own ribbons, or more than one ribbon, and threading them through the loops. Try mixing ribbons of different types to create more texture and interest – such as organza, satin, velvet or lace.