‘How to style bridal hair pins’ video – with handy tricks to ensure they won’t fall out!

April 26, 2016

Daisy flower wedding hair pinsDaisy hair pins with rose gold centresDaisy hair pins

Bridal hair pins are a wonderful way to create your own unique wedding day look – and there are so many ways to style them. From adding just a few for the merest touch of sparkle or creating a more intricate look with lots of pins scattered throughout your hair they are a fabulous way to create your own unique bridal look.

How to style wedding hair pins with expert bridal hair stylist tipsSaffron and Minna hair pins

Bohemian braided hair plait with mother of pearl flower hair pinsMinna hair pins plait set

But the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be worrying that your hair pins could slip or fall out on the dance floor – so I enlisted the help of a wedding hair style expert to help me create a video to show you some nifty tricks which will ensure your wedding hair pins stay in place all day and night!

I use quite delicate pins in my designs as they will work in both thick or thin hair and are perfectly-suited to creating a very clever hair stylist trick which will ensure your hair pins are ‘locked’ into place and won’t slip or fall out on the dance floor.

I learned this trick from wedding hair stylist Jenn Edwards who showed me how to bend each ‘leg’ of my hair pins outwards so they create a ‘hook’ which will lock the pin into place when they are pushed in to loose braids or up-do hair styles.

Wedding hair pins bent into hooks to make them stay in place

The pins I use for my designs are perfect for this technique as they have exactly the right flexibility to ensure they will bend easily to create the hook and can also be easily bent back into place afterwards.

To see just how easily this ‘hook’ trick works, Jenn and I made a hair pin styling video to show you just how securely your hair pins can be gripped into place – as well as showing one of the ways you can use my pretty mother of pearl flower Minna Hair Pins Plait Set to create a beautiful braided bridal hair style.

braided dutch fishtail braid with sparkling crystal and pearl wedding hair vine and hair pinsScarlett hair vine and Saffron hair pins

If you would rather wear your hair pins with your hair down Jenn has another amazing trick up her sleeve which will ensure you can scatter as many pins through your hair as you want without worrying that they will slip out of your hair.

All you need are some mini hair braid elastic bands in a colour which tones with your hair. You can use these bands to create a tiny pony tail in the area you want the pin to sit and carefully push the pin into the elastic band so it sits firmly in place. You can also use this trick to place a hair comb in your hair and ensure it doesn’t slip, even if you want to wear your hair down.

hair pin and mini elastic bands trick to help pins stay in place in long loose hair

To show just how secure this technique is we made another video which shows Jenn using her mini hair band trick to keep a comb and hair pins in place on a model wearing her hair down. In this video Jenn first uses the elastic band trick to place my Sylvie Hair Vine comb into our model’s loose bohemian waved style and then uses more bands to add lots of small Minna hair pins to create a loose waterfall effect which won’t budge an inch no matter how long you spend on the dance floor!

Gold hair pins and hair vine in bridal plait braidHaillie hair pins worn with Rosemary hair vine

Large rose gold wedding hair pins trio setMaisie trio set of wedding hair pins worn as one large headpiece.

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Video soundtrack: Emily’s Rose by Emily Jane Stancer