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How To Stop A Bridal Comb Falling Out Of Your Hair

Welcome to my 'how to' guide and a simple video demo of this expert tip to stop a bridal comb falling out of your hair. This trick will work whether you have fine hair that just won’t hold a comb - or you want to wear a comb with your hair down without worrying that it will slip out. 

How to Stop a Bridal Comb Falling Out Of Your Hair

Create A Secure Base

All you need is a simple (and very affordable) wig or hair extension clip that will securely fasten into the finest of hair - and will allow you to create a firm base for your comb’s teeth to slide into - and create a barrier to stop the comb slipping out.

You can easily find these clips on marketplace websites or via hairdressing or wig suppliers - simply search online or ask in store for a ‘wig clip’ or ‘hair extension clip’. Choose a clip that will tone with your hair colour to make it easier to hide it. They also come in a variety of sizes and I have gone for a fairly large one in the video so there’s plenty for the comb to grab on to.

Follow These Five Steps

  1. Decide where you want to wear your comb.
  2. Pull the top section of hair in that area out of the way.
  3. Open the wig clip and position it securely.
  4. Smooth the top section of hair back over the wig clip.
  5. Push the comb's teeth into the hair above the clip for a super-firm grip.

Watch The Video:


Alternative Ways To Stop A Comb Falling Out

If you can’t find a wig clip you can follow the same steps of pulling the top section of hair away and instead you can gently back comb the hair or add some texturising dust which will give your hair a base with more grip for the comb’s teeth to sink into. 

All of my hair combs have metal teeth which can also be held in place with a bobby pin or Kirby grip - you can either push the grip through the looped teeth of my bigger combs, or slide it completely over my smaller slimmer combs. Another option is to tie a small piece of hair with an elastic band and slide some of the comb’s teeth into the tiny ‘ponytail’ section.

You can also use these techniques to hold hairpins in place - and you can see some of these tips and tricks demonstrated here in a separate blog post with video guides.

How to Stop a Bridal Comb Falling Out Of Your Hair

Get In Touch For My Styling Advice

If you’re concerned that a comb or hairpin might not work in your hair or style do get in touch and I’d be happy to help advise on the best way to wear your chosen style. I can even create different ways of attaching these designs to your hair - such as putting a comb or hairpin design you love onto a headband. 

How to stop a bridal comb falling out of your hair - Lucille hair comb

How to Stop a Bridal Comb Falling Out Of Your Hair

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