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Dark and Moody Gothic Wedding Inspiration With An Elegant Vampire Bride

As a special Halloween treat today we're delving into the realm of Gothic fantasy with this hauntingly beautiful photo series. It’s a real change of pace for me to see my bridal hair accessories photographed in this way and I really love the dark atmospheric beauty that photographer Alexandria French brings to these images shot especially to celebrate Halloween.

Gothic Wedding Inspiration - The Vampire Bride wears black mask style birdcage veil

The Vampire Bride: A Mesmerising Transformation

Bridal tradition meets the mysterious unknown with this elegant veiled vampire bride with blood-reddened lips and little exposed vampire teeth that subvert the traditional virginal bride ideal.

a black birdcage veil for a vampire bride for a gothic wedding inspiration shoot

The Regal Crown: An Antique Gold Heirloom Style Tiara

Every bride deserves a crown, and this vampire bride is no exception. The Coraline crown glimmers with antique gold shimmering Czech crystals for a rich, regal heirloom look which adds to the sense of strength, history and tradition. 

Gothic Wedding Inspiration - The Vampire Bride wears antique gold crown

Gothic Wedding Inspiration - The Vampire Bride wears antique gold crown

The Black Birdcage Veil: A Shrouded Mystery

The birdcage veil lends an enigmatic air of mystery to our vampire bride. Based on my bridal ivory mask veil design, I used the same delicate soft French netting to make this custom wedding veil, but this time in black. This beautiful mask veil shrouds our vampire bride’s features while allowing glimpses of the beauty beneath and embodying the essence of a dark, mysterious Gothic romance.

black birdcage veil for a vampire bride and gothic wedding

Hauntingly Beautiful Photography

I love how Alex captures the haunting essence of Gothic drama and beauty in these images inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Wouldn't it be amazing to see a real life wedding shot in this stunning non-traditional way? While these images are all about a Gothic Halloween aesthetic, they do show Alex's unerring ability to work with light and shadow and to capture really beautiful portraits - so if you like the look of these be sure to head to her website to see her wedding photography - it's absolutely beautiful! 

vampire bride wears a gold antique crystal crown

Gothic bride wears a black birdcage veil and holds a candle in the darkness

Gothic Wedding Inspiration

Whether you’re planning a Gothic wedding or just love the idea of a darker and more moody aesthetic, these vampire bride images are a beautiful example of what can be done to create wedding photographs outside of the traditional light and bright norm. After all, love knows no bounds, and it thrives in the most unexpected places, even in the shadowy depths of a vampire bride's enchanting world!

Vampire bride wears a black mask style birdcage veil and black lace gloves with small vampire teeth

Vampire bride Gothic wedding inspiration - model wears a black birdcage veil

Vampire Bride Photography Credits

Photography: Alexandria French Photography

Model: Hannah Waine @little_waine

Mask Veil and Coraline Crown: Debbie Carlisle


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