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How to create your own bespoke wedding hair accessory with hair vines and pins

Layering hair vines and hair pins to create your own unique wedding hair accessory is a wonderful way to create a wedding day look that is unique to you.

All of my hair vines and hair pins are extremely versatile pieces that can be pinned into lots of different styles and shapes – and creative brides can even create their own bespoke look by mixing my coordinating styles together to build their very own bespoke headpiece.

I love the idea of brides wearing my headpieces in unusual ways and creating looks that are personal to them – it’s something I often do in private consultations with my brides and I wanted to extend this option to all brides, whether you buy from my online store, from a bridal boutique or at one of my events.

With this in mind I have purposely created a series of bridal hair vines and wedding hair pins that are designed to be mixed and matched so you can use coordinating designs to form your own headpiece design.

A simple way to create your own headpiece is to choose one of my hair pin trios which you can pin into different positions together or separately to create your own look. Below you can see three Maisie crystal and pearl hairpins styled as one beautiful headpiece - you can change the positioning to create your own look, or wear a single hair pin for a simple look.

Hairpins mixed to create a hair vine

Rose gold Swarovski wedding hair pins trio set

Single large gold Swarovski crystal and pearl hair pin

And below is a single Saffron hair pin worn with two Anya hair pins to create two different styles.

Swarovski crystal wedding hair pins

rose gold crystal wedding hair pinsYou can also add hair pins to other coordinating pieces to create a stronger look or to give the impression that a hair vine has been threaded through a plait or up do. Below is the Annette trailing floral hair vine in rose gold teamed with three coordinating Coralie flower hair pins.

rose gold hairvine and pins in bridal plait

Here we've styled the Evie trailing hair vine so the longer strands wrap around this elegant low bun and then added two Coralie hair pins on the right so it looks as though the pieces are one long vine pushed into the hair.

rose gold wedding hair vine and hair pins in bridal up do

Below is a single gold Annette hair vine placed on top of the head in tiara position with three gold Coralie hair pins and three rose gold Coralie hair pins placed so the pins create some height across the crown in alternating shades to create an ethereal raised flower crown.

gold and rose gold wedding hair vine and pins worn as flower crownAnother option is to pin longer vines into position side by side – for example here we have layered three Daisy headbands together to create a stronger look compared to the simple effect of a single headband vine.

three Daisy wedding headbands worn together

Gold Daisy wedding headband hair vine

Here we used one gold Loretta floral vine teamed with two gold intertwined Anastasia vines to create a headpiece that is similar to the statement Katya wedding headpiece but has a more open relaxed feel. Layering vines is a great way to change up your day time look by using a simple piece during your ceremony and adding a second piece to it for the evening to give your look more drama.

hair vines layered to create one dramatic headpiece

You can also weave two longer bands together to create an intertwined effect similar to the Anastasia piece – below we gave the rose gold Amy and India hair vines a gentle curve and then pinned them into position so they look as though they have woven together. You could also create similar styles using Amy and Isabella together or adding Amy or Isabella to the Haillie halo to create a little more interest.

hair vines woven together to create one interwoven wedding browband

Plaits are a great opportunity to mix and match pieces to trail around the braid – here we mixed the coordinating Rosie, Rosemary and Amy vines in gold to weave around the braid.

three gold hair vines mixed in a plait

And (below) we combined the Rosemary gold vine with coordinating Haillie simple gold hair pins to create a relaxed bohemian feel.

gold wedding hair vines and pins

Here is the Annette hair vine in gold teamed with the Isabella slim hair vine worn twisted around the lower half of a bridal braid.

Gold hair vines mixed together to create one bridal plait look

For a more glamorous sparkle here is the Scarlett crystal wedding hair vine mixed with coordinating Saffron hair pins in a beautiful Dutch braid plait.

silver Swarovski wedding hair vine and pins in bridal plait

There are so many ways to create your own headpiece – we’re constantly coming up with new ways of mixing and matching headpieces here in the studio and we hope you enjoy creating your own looks too!

As we create every headpiece by hand and to order in our studio if you would like any bespoke tweaks added to an existing style please do get in touch - we can make hair vines longer or shorter, or circlets smaller or bigger to ensure you have the perfect piece for your look.

Lead times for making headpieces are approximately four weeks for standard designs and 6-8 weeks for bespoke designs and tweaks to existing designs. If your wedding is very soon do get in touch via email to ask for a rush order.

* Hair design and accessory styling by Jenn Edwards

Take a look at the below video to see the different looks you can build with one set of 'Maisie' hair pins

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