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A Birdcage Veil Headband For A Cool Bride Paris Wedding

When fashion designer Ayse was planning her romantic Paris wedding she knew from the start that she wanted a cool bride aesthetic - and when she saw the Esme birdcage veil headband on Pinterest it was love at first sight!

A cool bride wears a birdcage veil headband with white sunglasses in a Paris cafe

A Birdcage Veil Headband With Two Looks In One

Ayse loved the idea of a versatile headpiece that could take her from day to night with two different looks and so she chose the separate veil and headband option when she ordered Esme, which meant she could change her look throughout the day.

A cool bride wears an ivory padded headband in a Paris restaurant

I love how Ayse started her outfit planning by researching her accessories first - as a fashion and textiles designer this meant she could then create her own wedding dress design to fit her chosen pieces. Usually I recommend brides choose their dress first but there are always exceptions to every ‘rule’ when it comes to weddings and the gorgeous results speak for themselves. 

A cool bride wears a birdcage veil headband in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and poses with her groom under a gauzy long wedding veil

Ayse's Story:

Could you share some details about the venue and why you chose it?

We got married in Paris because Paris has a very special meaning for us. We travel a lot and while we were visiting Paris for the first time together, we promised each other to always love each other, at the top of the Eiffel Tower. That's why we wanted our family and friends to witness our love there.

A cool bride wears a birdcage veil headband in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and kisses her groom under a gauzy long wedding veil

What inspired you to choose your wedding theme?

I am a textile and fashion designer and I designed every single detail about the theme, invitations, name tags, menu, program and so on. We chose to use a cold blue colour to have an elegant effect and me and my best friend, who is also a designer, chose to draw some architectural buildings in Paris and then we prepared everything with those drawings.

A cool bride sits on a black and white striped circular block in Paris in a modern white gown and a padded headband with a birdcage veil

Tell me about your beautiful gown!

I never wanted to be a princess bride. I imagined myself as a cool bride and actually I started the research with shoes and accessories first. Then, I designed a wedding gown which is very simple, but not boring. Elegant but not old. And at the end, I looked exactly as I had imagined.

Bride stands in front of the Eiffel Tower in a long white bridal gown with a flared train

A cool bride wears a black leather jacket over her slim fitting wedding gown, carrying a bouquet and wearing a birdcage veil headband

Would you recommend wearing a headpiece for your wedding?

I wanted a headpiece that looked romantic, comfortable and chic. I saw the Esme headpiece at Pinterest first. Of course I fell in love right away! I wanted to have 2 looks with one headpiece to have different options. I took off the birdcage veil during our dinner and that made me feel like I had two different headpieces. I would recommend considering this when you’re choosing a wedding hair accessory. Also I never felt like I was wearing something that I would always have to fix and check. It was like wearing a daily accessory for me. So I can recommend choosing a comfortable headpiece like this.

A cool bride drinks coffee with her groom in Paris street cafe wearing a slim fitting wedding gown and a birdcage veil headband

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding ceremony?

I am from Turkey and in our culture, we don't have a tradition to throw flower petals on the bride and groom while they are walking on the aisle. But we did this and I felt like I was in a movie at that moment!

A bride poses in front of the Eiffel Tower in a birdcage veil headband and white framed sunglasses with her arm raised in the air and carrying a baguette

Pictures by: @davidignaz

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