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30 Botanical bridal hair accessories for nature-inspired brides


Planning a botanical wedding? Add a nature-inspired botanical bridal hair accessory to tie your look to your theme!

If you're a nature lover and dream of a wedding surrounded by lush greenery, gorgeous blooms, and natural elements, a botanical wedding theme may be the perfect choice for you. A botanical theme will help you create a calming environment to say your I Do's that celebrates the beauty of nature - and helps you feel relaxed on your special day.

Whether you want to incorporate leafy green hues or delicate floral arrangements, there are plenty of ways to add botanical elements to your wedding - and one of the easiest ways to ensure your bridal look works with this theme is through your hair accessories. A botanical-inspired bridal hair accessory can add a whimsical and romantic element to your bridal look, while also ensuring your style is connected to your botanical theme. 

Here are some botanical bridal hair accessory ideas:

Flower crowns: A flower crown is a classic botanical accessory and works especially well for an outdoor or garden wedding. To ensure your headpiece doesn’t wilt or droop during the day - and you have an accessory to treasure long after your wedding is over - a jewelled floral crown like my Mabel or Coraline crown is a stunning long-lasting option. My Maeve or Helena botanical crown will add an ethereal vibe to your look - choose classic bridal pearl, delicate fairytale clear crystal or rustic gold crystal.

botanical wedding hair accessories - crowns

Floral or leafy hair vines: A hair vine is a delicate and romantic accessory that adds a touch of botanical beauty to your bridal look. Choose one with small hand-carved mother of pearl flowers or simple pearls like my Daisy, Small Sylvie, Small Rosemary or Katya hair vines look or go for the sparkle with my high lustre crystal hair vines like the Ella, Sybil or Selena hair vines. I love the idea of my Elise botanical hair vine veil for a boho bride.

botanical wedding hair accessories - hair vines

Leafy or floral hair pins: For a more subtle botanical touch, leafy hair pins are a great option. They're versatile and work well with a range of hairstyles, from loose waves to sleek updos. Check out my Maisie, Sophia, Coralie, MaySaffron and India hair pins.

botanical wedding hair accessories - hair pins

Botanical headbands: Headbands are a chic and stylish way to add a botanical touch to your bridal look. Choose one featuring delicate flowers or leaves, such as the Etta jewelled floral headband, the India, Katarina, Amy or Anastasia ribbon tie headbands or the Angelica or Effie ivory satin padded headbands.

botanical wedding hair accessories - headbands 

A floral comb is a versatile accessory that can be used to accentuate a bun or add a touch of botanical charm to a half-up, half-down hairstyle. You can go for a traditional small crystal and pearl comb like my Lucia and Lucille floral combs, or choose from my more whimsical mother of pearl combs like Viola, Imogen and Beth

botanical wedding hair accessories - combs

When you're choosing a botanical bridal hair accessory, consider the rest of your look, such as your dress, bouquet, and venue. You want your hair accessory to complement your overall theme and not clash with it. 

Incorporating a botanical theme into your wedding is a beautiful and timeless way to celebrate the beauty of nature. With the right hair accessory, you can ensure your bridal look creates a whimsical and romantic vibe and works seamlessly with your botanical wedding theme.

To see more bridal hair accessory ideas visit the Debbie Carlisle online store or for more wedding advice for nature-loving free-spirited brides check out my Boho Wedding hair accessory ideas blog post.

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