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Pearl Bridal Hair Accessories - A Modern Twist On A Classic Look


Pearls have always been popular with brides but a new modern take on a timeless classic means you can rock these traditional bridal hair accessories with a cool bride edge!

From oversized luxury pearl hairpins, combs or statement earrings to delicate botanical hair vines, crowns, tiaras and hairpins made from stunning freshwater pearls, pearl bridal hair accessories are no longer the sole preserve of traditional brides. 

Now, you can choose from a wide range of options that cater to your unique style and wedding theme. Whether you're planning a traditional, modern, retro, boho, or completely unique wedding, there's a pearl bridal hair accessory that will perfectly complement your vision.

Aside from their timeless elegance, pearls offer an additional beauty benefit. When worn close to your face, these incredible gems create a natural glow, enhancing your skin's luminosity. Imagine the added radiance as you walk down the aisle, literally glowing thanks too these beautiful accessories.

How to rock pearl bridal hair accessories:

Pearl Hairpins:

Create a natural scattered effect with the Prudence luxury sustainable crystal pearl hairpins. These sets of nine pins come in mixed sizes, or in smaller sets of three, allowing you to effortlessly dot them through an updo, plait, or half-up, half-down hairstyle. For a more formal look, try the Perla pearl cluster hair pins, while the May pearl hairpins offer an elegant yet relaxed botanical style which would work in any wedding setting.

Pearl Headband:

The Prue pearl headband combines romantic bridal vibes with a cool contemporary edge. With evenly-spaced luxury sustainable crystal pearls sitting on a gold or silver-plated band, this accessory adds a modern and clean look to any hairstyle. The delicate ribbon ties provide a romantic touch, allowing you to customise your look depending on your outfit and personal style.

models wear pearl wedding hair accessories - hairpins and a headband

Pearl Hair Vines:

For an elegant boho look, consider a pearl hair vine like Rosie, Rosemary, or Small Rosemary. These botanical-inspired designs, handcrafted from gorgeous freshwater pearls, are perfect for rustic, garden, or traditional wedding settings. These versatile wedding hair accessories can be pinned anywhere you like, giving your hairstylist lots of options to create a look that's unique to you. For a truly statement boho look, the Elise wedding veil hair vine is pure perfection - completely unique and an absolute showstopper without being at all overwhelming. I highly recommend this unusual option if you’re a free-spirited bride planning to rock long waves or curls on your wedding day!

models wear pearl wedding hair accessories - hair vinesPearl Tiara:

Add a touch of modern boho elegance with the Maeve crown - a modern take on the traditional tiara. Its delicate botanical strands and pearls make it a stunning choice for a botanical or outdoors-inspired wedding. The handcrafted flexible strands allow you to adjust the crown's height and volume, creating a unique ethereal look. Pair it with coordinating May hairpins to add to the untamed botanical vine effect.

Pearl Comb: 

The Mona luxury pearl comb will add a touch of contemporary cool to your wedding day look, a modern take on the traditional bridal comb to help you create an elegant yet fashion-forward look on your wedding day. This hand-wired pearl clip looks fantastic placed in front of a high ponytail, above the ear,  or sitting above a veil for a classic bridal look. Teamed with a long veil, the comb takes on a more traditional feel, added to a short birdcage or duster veil Mona is all about quirky 50s or 60s vintage style. Check out the Artemis and Asteria pearl and star crystal combs for a gorgeous modern celestial look.

models wear pearl combs and a pearl tiara

Pearl Earrings:

Don't overlook the impact of statement bridal earrings. They are a fantastic way to add a contemporary vibe to your look and would be an unusual and budget friendly alternative to a pearl wedding hair accessory. The Mona modern pearl hoop earrings will add some cool bride chic to your look worn alone or they can be teamed with the matching Mona comb to elevate your style or update your look from day to night. Experiment with other hair accessories for a more dramatic look - I love the Mona large pearl hoops with my Angelica ivory padded crystal headband for a gorgeous couture bride look!

Models wear statement pearl earrings with and without wedding hair accessories

Check out my collection of pearl bridal hair accessories here - or take a look at my full bridal hair accessories collection for more designs featuring pearls, crystals and more! 

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