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Short hair wedding accessories inspiration that shows you don't have to grow out your cropped locks!

There’s a general perception in bridal that short hair isn’t exactly…well…bridal. I couldn’t disagree more!

Flower wedding hair vine for short hair Cherry blossom style

Pinterest is full of gorgeous images of loose tumbling boho waves, soft up-dos and romantic braided half-up hairstyles, along with lots of options for hair accessories. Sadly there’s not so much short hair wedding inspiration out there – so I decided to do something about it!

Here you’ll find lots of inspiration to help you rock a wedding hair accessory with short hair whether your style is boho, rustic, ethereal, modern, classic, vintage or sparkling glamour.

Whether you want to add a tiny touch of sparkle with a simple comb or headband, add a bohemian whimsical hairvine or circlet, or go for full-on glamour with a statement headband or crown, there’s so much you can do to create a bridal look to suit your wedding dress and personal style - and I hope these images - and the advice I'm giving below - will help inspire every bride with short hair!

Pearl wedding hair vine headband for short hair bride inspiration

Statement crystal vintage deco wedding headband for short hair bride inspiration

Tips and tricks to style bridal hair accessories with short hair - from combs to hairpins and hair vines!

If your hair is fine and you’re worried about a comb or hairpin staying in place there are a number of tricks you or your hairstylist can use. I use metal combs which can all be gripped into place by kirby grips or bobby pins which either push through the looped teeth of my larger combs or grip on top of my smaller combs. Bobby pins will also hold hairpins in place so they are more secure.

To create the looks with our pixie haircut model, bridal hair and make-up artist Alison Jenner used texturising dust to create a thicker stronger base in which to fix combs, hairpins and bobby pins in our model’s short hair. It magically turns fine hair into thick hair that will virtually stick to a comb or pin and is great for grease-prone hair. It means that even quite substantial hair vines like my Sydney headpiece can be worn in short hair - the vine sits on a central comb and is then pinned into place with bobby pins.

Another hairstylists’ trick is to place tiny braiding elastic bands where you want your comb or pin to sit – which will give comb teeth or hairpins something really secure to slide into and they won’t slip out of place.

All of these tricks mean there really is no limit to the pieces you can wear and the looks you can create, ranging from soft and romantic bohemian, botanical and ethereal looks to full-on Hollywood glamour, vintage or classic styles – meaning no bridal style is out of bounds just because you have short hair!

Scroll down for lots more images or head straight to my curated collection of short hair wedding accessories to shop now!

Floral wedding hair vine trailing around short hair for inspiration for short haired brides

Crystal bridal hair accessory hair vine for short hair bride inspiration

Crystal wedding hair accessory hairvine for a short haired bride

Crystal wedding hair vine for a short haired bride

simple crystal and pearl wedding headband hair vine for a short haired brideTiara wedding hair vine for a short haired brideBraided interwoven wedding hair vine headband for a short haired bride

flower crown wedding circlet halo for a short hair brideWedding halo bridal circlet for a bride with short hairFlower headband for a bride with short hairShort haired bride in a feather wedding headband with Swarovski crystals Mirror image double ended flower wedding headband for a short haired brideStatement crystal vintage wedding headband for a short haired bride inspiration

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